What i’m feeling

In these are hours a continuos flows of great emotions that crossing trought our minds and i feel them trought my heart that is beating strong and it doesn’t want stop  to beat like an hammer.
I have felt you have embraced me strong, pulling me against you, and for a moment our hearts were stopped, and till you have whispered my name i held back the breathe. 
I feel  your closiness wrapping me all around. 
Our connection is get itself stronger each day. 
My throat is dry and i had diffculty to swallow till i have felt you around me.
Our mind are getting connect, and you feel that strange chock feel inside, like me. 
I close the eyes, i feel your arms surround my belly and you are whispering words that you can do only pronnounce. 
Our heart beats are merging one with another, and our souls starts to shake.
Everything around us is disappearing. We only exist us and despite our real distance, we are here. One in front another. In silence, while our hearts are, still continuing to beat like two hammers. 


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