“From the words” -|49|

Of the Rhino, we had understood that Zora was pushed herself  beyond the limits of her evilness, and i had tasted immediately her badness being witness of  that useless use of  force against the agonizing tree who was asking me to be saved. I had still in my mind those eyes, and my heart beating strong each time i was thinking about it.
We remained still in the local for a while. We had awaited for that Lizard got back.
There was only one thing in our minds, and we could see just a minimum part of it from the big window of the local. The Turquoise building.
In those instants, everything seemed was going slow, also the buzz of voices of the Rhino seemed slowed. Bill from behind the counter was controlling the enviroment and occasionally launching us a glance. 
We seemed in another place, lost in what we were thinking, and our thoughts were the only thing that was running fast in that atmposhere, and that turquoise spot, was the only thing that was charming us.
From when we had set free the Whale in Blue City, everything seemed got back at a normal rhytm and her song was got calming the frenetic air that was it breathing in all little alley of the city, and we was tasting it, looking at eachother, when Lizard got back inside the local and he said us that the Chameleon woman had accepted that we would could attend to the meeting, but she said that she would have prefered if we had go to her immediately. We looked at eachother and Lizard was opening us the door of the local. She had important information about Turquoise building had from the lastest host she have had received. 
We walked inside that dark alley till, the usual a soft red light itself spreaded along the narrow alley.
We arrived in front of the lateral stairs that were conducting inside her apartament, but we stopped us. We have made go up Lizard first, we had waited for a minute before she opened the door. She took a look around and she made us entered.
In her apartment there was a soft pink intense light that it was spreaded in all the room.
An unique room.  Just a little entrance then that room with a couch next the only window with roller shutters, that was facing itself to the alley. And even if none were crossing that lonely and dark alley, she had put down them. It was, also her code to warn others inhabitants that she was busy. She made us sit in that little couch, while Lizard has seated himself in one of the two chairs in front. Just a smoking table divided us. While she was walking nervously back and forth, looking for to go straight to the point of the speech. 
“For don’t to suspect anyone about my change mind, i had to renew some oaths of some of the most close creatures to Zora, and before to renew it, they must say me if they has some doubts in regard, or whatever else. The lastet who came before you, said me now that the Turquoise building is returned to shine, Zora could get back on war footing before than we can imagine. We have not much time to waste. Maybe she is preparing her first move.”
She was looking at us a bit worry.
“If she had wanted, she would has done it, already” i said her, then i looked at you then Lizard who has nodded. You have taken my hand, and said her:”Thank to have warned us, we will get you informated on what to do.”
We got up from that unconfortable little couch, and we came out. With Lizard, we divided us. He got back to the street lamp to smoking, and we, slowly, got back in the storage room, while the sound of the Whale accompanied us along the dark alley, but illuminated by that soft red light.”



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