“We got soon” – |48|

To understand who we had behind and he asked us to don’t turn ourselves, and we had obey.
“I know that the Chameleon woman said you about me”  he started the Rhino with the voice a bit tremble and he continued:”But i know even that i will renew that oath within two days…” 
His tone of voice seemed have not no more hopes. 
You tighted my hand strong, when i started to speak, pretending to talk with you.
“Instead there is a a hope, but we can understand that is much dangerous in your case, but look at what is happening around the city..” –  indicanting the Turquoise building among the moldy buildings. 
The Rhino, seemed almost moved, and he added:”From your strange arrive, everything here, is changed, and when i saw you for the first time, i understood that you was the cause. The leader of our Patrol, from when he has returned back from Zora, he haven’t said us the reason, but his orders were been to don’t move from the Bill’s local for any reasons, and control you. Even if he can look stupid, he isn’t. And i’m risking my life standing still here. 
But i have seen much evilness, only for the taste to get hurt the inhabitants of Blue City, and i can not handle it any more.”
I was standing still, holding your hand, and you was smiling, making me courage. I had the heart that was beating like a hammer and i wasn’t capable to get calm me, and you get understood it because i was tightening your hand always more.
Then you asked him “Within when you should renew the oath?” The rhino seemed surprised for your question, but he replied you “At maximum within two days…” – “Our storage room is beyond the Chameleon woman apartment, nobody will see us. We will see us there.”
We hadn’t have any reply. We remained still pietrified for a while, then all of sudden, we spinned, but the Rhino was disappeared. We remained stand still and for a long instant we looked each other, as if we had take breathe again one from another. 
You have looked at me straight in the eyes, then without say nothing you have pulled me against you and you have embraced me tight. I have could hear your heart that was beating like mine, but our arms one around another got calm us.
We entered again in Bill’s local and Lizard came to us asking us what was happened outside.
Looking at the group of the Patrol with much attention, you have said:”His renew of oath it must has done within two days…” and Lizard didn’t left you finished, and he said us:” I’ll handle it”, but i added something: “This time it’s most dangerous, and we would like to put us in play. We will go even us, to the Chameleon woman apartment. That’s enough that you warn her.”
Lizard looked at me stunned then you who have just made him a little nod, and Lizard to give back, has touched his pointed helmet.
Then we remained in silence looking at eachother. Bill got came to us and without ask us nothing, he knew, that we had need of the Luminiscent, and he had a tray with the glasses with that drink. 
Lizard left us alone, and when  he opened the door the sound of the Whale made us chill. 
Unconsciously, we had started this fight, and now we were about to put us inside the Army of Zora.
A deafening laugh awakened us from our thoughts. Sweetly you have taken my hand and i smiled you.”


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