“We were looking” – |47|

At the Chameleon woman without saying her nothing: even us, didn’t know what to do in regarding about. We knew, though,  we must had to think something.
She left us, and she came back in her apartment saying us to go outside to admire what was happened in Blue City, during our act of love in the storage room. 
She went away saying us:”It’s something that we had forgot from long time…”
We remained speechless hearing her words, while we had saw Lizard approaching himself to her. Seemed he wanted accompany her to her apartment. Gently he took her thin arms they went around the corner.
We had saw the whole scene, and then we had launched a gaze to the group of the Rhinos, but they seemed, hadn’t noticed us. The only who had given back a rapid glance toward us was the most shy, and even that one went to the Chameleon woman. He seemed have understood what we were taking about, but he didn’t made any nod. He looked at us for a while, then he smiled to a phrase of the leader, but it was a forced smile. 
He seemed be swallowed by a twirl from which, he was asking to be pull out, but for now, we could not make nothing.
And then delicately, you have taken my hand and you looked at me, and you have made a tiny gesture to go out. 
I was inside my thoughts, and i was looking for a way to help him, but in that instant there wasn’t nothing that i have could do, just to give him a rapid glance, while another deafeaning laughs was making shake the whole local. We saluted Bill who was busy to serve others Luminiscent to the Rhinos.
The lastest thing that the Chameleon said us got curiosing us.
While we had crossed the dark alley it was impossibile to lift the face up to the sky. We had only noticed the fuchsia bush next to the Bill’s local, and till now it was the spot of color that Blue City had conquered again, but when we have lifted the faces up to the sky, another spot of color, had conquered its space among the building of one only dark greenish merged with brownish and black color, under the always grey sky that had covered the city, since when Zora taken it under her control.
And it was the building of which we rembembered its wonderful turquoise color. 
It was there, in the middle of the boulevard, and it was a beautiful contrast among the others buildings.
It wasn’t still capable to irradiate his color on the street, but what we had saw it filled our hearts of  great hope. 
With her evilness, Zora has been capable to cloacked each building of Blue City with a sort of mold and all the greyness came from there, and to see again the imponent Turquoise building, it was a great victory, and we were smiling, while we were looking at that other spot of color just in the middle of the other grey buildings. 
And what that had still surprised us, has been, like the shield around the Whale and the grey zone, it was  rising up, even around that building, and a light fresh air was spreading. 
We remained enchanted, as in front a paint where the colors was saying us its story. 
We were so breathless that when someone behind us has whispered “I must to talk to you”, we had a jolt.”


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