Here you are

And my punch in the stomach is growing always more, and you, there, are looking at me, smiling me, only how you do. Our hearts are pulsing at the same instants.
Your glance set on me paralized me, and slowly i can feel your hands surrounding my belly, and your voice envelope me and your words are the sweetest that i ever heard in my life.
Everythng take me to you, and even if we are so far, i’m convicing that what is born four years ago is approaching us each day always more, and you can feel it too from a while.ย 
I can’t swallow, because i feeling your closiness making itself always more real, and if i think to what is happening from a while of time is chocking me from inside, and i looking at you, moving me. I can’t hold back the tears. Will i be crazy, but i don’t think to be crazy that much.ย 
I feel you close to me and i know you are feeling that same.
That’s our magic connection.
We are throwing away the air from the lungs at the same time.
We are together in this world that is Our Parallel World.
You are embracing me tight. I hold back the breathe for then throwing it away.


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