You arrived

Behind me and slowly you spinned me and our eyes met. You have taken my hips and you have tighted them strong and slowly you have pulled me against you. 
Your eyes inside and your whispered me “How much i love you…” and delicately your lips laid on mine. 
Your closiness like this, makes me going crazy. 
I had a dejavù and if it was already happened and if it will repeat itself once again? 
My head is exploding and i feel our connection getting stronger.
I’m throw away air from the lungs, since i feel your closiness be more tangibile. 
I feel our eletric shocks run cross our minds always more fast.
Your hands are tightening my hips against you body. And you are looking at me like this sweetly and i feel your desire to kiss me, to saay what you’re feeling this instants. 
Our hearts beating at unison, despite we are far. 
That dejavù. You and me like this, that glance, that kiss… and your hands that pulling me against your body. 
We are in Our Parallel World, and maybe still we don’t realize it.
Kiss me my love.


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