“In those” – |46|

Instants our hearts were beating strong and everything that was counting, were us.
Us in that muffled atmosphere. You was still above me, inside me, and you didn’t take off your glance on me, and i have taken the flap of your shirt, and slowly i was pulling you toward me for one of the last of your kisses. 
Your glance was still  full of passion, and i have could feel your desire that was pulsing inside me.
Another glance, another kiss, other pushes inside me, other moans, and another moan of pleasure. Another orgasm, then other breathes, then other fast contrations inside us. Then one of the most sweet kiss you have gave me.
Consciously, we knew, that we had unleashed something in Blue City, but, by now, we knew what it could was. 
Just our glance had set free a Whale caged in the sewers of Zora.
But now, we wanted remain there in that storage room. You and me, there alone.
While all that muffled atmposhere around us, was fading, all the buzz of the city with the sound of the Whale,  were resurfacing again. 
We returned in the storage room to rest, but someome knocked at the door.
Noboby done it earlier before.
From behind the door we have recognized the voice of Chameleon woman. 
We were still half naked and after five minutes, we both came out.
“Someone has came to knock my door” and without add nothing else, i sighed “…one of the rhino” she just nodded me. I invited her to go with us, to Bill’s local. 
It was strange to walk by side her. Just few days ago, she was launching us only dirty looks, and we knew that she was the charmer on behalf of Zora.
We were came out from that dark alley and we have lifted the face up to the sky and the Whale was wandering in that liquid sky of the city. Seemed she had greeted us with a long  and deep sound.
We entered in the local, followed by, even Lizard, who has waited for us under his street lamp.
We have made sit her at our table, while the group of the Rhino was lazing, 
She given her shoulders to that group. She began to talk.
“When Zora gave me the duty to charm the inhabitants on her behalf, she gave me also the duty to renew this oath of allegiance of these creatures. When that Rhino has came to me, i have believed to charm him again, but he started to speak, and i have understood everything. He started to have doubts when he have looked at you one of the first time, and when the leader has come back from the sewers, his doubts were grow up.
The leader didn’t have ever explained the group, why he had to go to Zora. He throw up me everything, and now he has understood that if he will continue to do what he is doing, he will worsting the situation. 
The enchant of Whale and what you’ve done before i came to knoked your door, were been two of the most beautiful things that the inhabitants have seen in long time.”
We had our hands tight one in another, and we stared at her, without ever forget the wonderful emotions that we had felt few minutes ago.
The Chameleon woman continued to speak:” I tried to explained him there was a solution, but more i tried to explained him it, more he seemed repented to have said that to me” But he hasn’t renew his oath of allegiance, but he should come back to me within few days…” 
She left the words suspended. Seemed she was asking what to do. 
To charm to change minds the other inhabitants of Blue City, was an easy thing for her, but make to change mind to the closer creatures to Zora, was even dangerous.
We looked beyond her shoulder, and the group of the Rhinos was there drinking The Luminiscent.  The Rhino had left us a glimmer of hope by not renewing that oath.
We held back the breath.”


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