You are looking

At me, questioning me “Do you feel it?”, and you are coming next to me for embracing me tight.
“Yes” i’m feeling it, it’s our connection”
Slowly our eletric shock are crossing our minds, and despite our real distance, we are here in this bedroom, and we are looking at each other.ย 
I’m feeling the soft punch in the stomach growing fast, and your hands are tightening my hips always more.
You are surprise what is happening among us, and just now you are realizing that is something magic.
We are looking at each other in silence. What are you seeing in my eyes is our slow connection that has grow up in these four years and i was been heen here cultivate it day by day, and now you are capable to feel the same feelings at the same instants.
Slowly you come to me and whisper me:”Don’t leave me, i want still feel your magic…”ย 
“My love, it’s our magic… it what happened four years years ago it never abandoned us. On the contrary it is growing each day”ย 
The universe is giving us others wonderful signs, and we are collecting them, and each time happen, we throw away air from the lungs and our heads explode, and our connection starts again. In some ways it never been stopped.


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