“We were” – |45|

Immediately fallen asleep, and our breathes has craddled us, in a sweet sleep. Our dreams crossed one with another. Sweetly the Whale sound has accompanied us till to relive all that moments in which we had saw her came out from the concrete and she has start her song.
In the sleep everything seemed more surreal than  as much it was happened in reality. 
Our dreams were merging one in another, and each one could see what it would be happened, one time that Blue City would be set free from the Zora’s clutches, and it was the Blue City that we had always rembember: the most beautiful blue sky, harmony among the citiziens, even if now, the inhabitants were being part of any sort of creatures, and the sun… Ah the sun of  Blue City, how were wonderful its rays, and it seemed that with his warmth was wrapping everybody.
And they were these our dreams of that day. We had deleted in an instant the danger we had ran, and now we were in safe one in the arms of the other, and our hearts marking the time.
I was feeling your perfume, and you was feeling mine, and slowly, it was unleashing something inside us.
Unconsciouly and delicately i slided my hand inside your shirt. You have tighted me to you, and you opened the eyes, seemed you wanted assure yourself i was ok. You have sighed my name, but i was still sleeping but as reply i just mumbled you.
I had still the flap of your shirt in my hand, and your breathe was wrapping me always more.
Slowly in that room, it was creating an atmosphere made by only our breathes. 
Suddenly, the Whale sound faded, but it wasn’t like this. Her sound was resounding in all city.
It was only in the storage room, that everything was become muffled, and around us, we could feel only our hearts that were beating at unison.
You have continued to sigh my name and i to mumble. 
You woke yourself, but you remained by side to me, only looking at me.
Sweetly your hand has started to touch my body, while you had you eyes set on mine closed.
You seemed a thief who was about to take something precious, when you have sweetly lifting that white soft and light piece of cloth above my legs, and with all your delicateness, you have moved away one of them, and you have began to caress the inner thigh, till arrive to the hip. You have caressed it for a while, then you arrived where you wanted to arrive since from the begin.
When you you was about to do what you wanted to do, just one second before, you have sigh my name once again, and when you was sighing it, delicately roughly, you have penetrated me with the finger, and my mumbles were transformed immediately in moans. I opened the eyes for a second, but you have said me to close them right after, and i done it, while you watched me enjoy, and i didnt’ know what you would have done. 
Among moans i have sighed your name, while you was making me get wet still more, you saying me to don’t open the eyes, and our lips were touching.
Slowly i soft touched your legs, and you made me take off your pants, and then you penetrated me continuing to come and go inside me always more fast.
Our eyes didn’t ever met, but i knew that you was the only who looking at me.
But just few instants before to reach the pleasure i had to open the eyes and in that moment our passion is exploded making us merging one with another.
We looked each other without say nothing. 
Your flap of  your shirt still was soflty touching my hips, and i was still tightening it among my hands, while the contrations slowly were went away. 
Everything seemed stand still, just our hearts were beating strong.”


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