It’s from when

I woke that i feel you around and i feel your arms surrounding my belly so strong. 
Our mnds are connect in a strong way.
My throat is closed and i can’t swallow. My heart is beating like a hammer, i need to throw away the air from the lungs for don’t go crazy. 
I feel your sweet caresses on my body, and these making me going crazy. 
I know, in someways you have read my comments and what i wrote impressed you. My intuitions doesn’t ever wrong, and now our connection is growing faster, and everything around us, is going fast with our connection. 
I just need of your wonderful eyes where i can find our parallel world, and your lips, your toungue are part of the river that are take me inside of your soul. 
Tell me that they are same things you have need, and slowly i will slide my hand inside of your shirt, closing the eyes.
Kiss me how you know do, and make me fly, like this, enveloped by our emotions, that each one of us feel for the other. 



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