“I could not” – |44|

To say that Blue City was returned to the normality, because after all what it has happened, nothing could get back to the normality and the Whale sound was becoming the normal buzz of the city and everybody were lifting their faces, when the sound was made more or less intense and now the desire to see again the real color of the city was becoming the wish of most, and everything this it would be become rel when the Whale, would could wander free above the liquid sky of that city.
We knew it us, and did knew it even all inhabitants, even that Rhino of the Patrol.
We looked at him, just understanding in those instants his real fear of the leader, who was calling him at his duties.
We had decided to go to rest in the storage room, so slowly we got up from that bench. 
We remained a while stand still, looking at us around, and at unison we threw away the air from the lungs, and you taken my hand and slowly we got back the street of return.
Few of inhabitants knew us, and it was better like this, but little by little, even others, were making question who we were. We were the two strangers who have brought in that city something inexplicable, and only after their arrives all this little revolution has started.
While we were crossing the boulevard, we felt some eyes set on us, and they weren’t friendly glances. From far, someone were following us. Blue City was populated by any sort of creature, but those still were the most dangerous were those that didn’t care  to respect the rules of the borderlines of the city and even the Patrol could not stop them, and those were the werewolves, the wildest creatures of the city. 
It was the group that we had met the other day.
They were awakening from the enchant of the Whale, and they were looking for someone to hunting. And they had aimed at us.
You spinned and you had noticed them, rapidly you have tighted me stronger the hand, and in a whisper you said:”Don’t turn yourself, let me take you, the werewolves we have met the other day, are following us!” I had felt in the air something strange, but i didn’t understood, why some of inhabitants were looking at us worry like this. Now that you had took me among your arms, i had the possibility to see the group that, slowly, it was approaching rapidly, to us.
Our hearts started to beat like two hammers, but almst next to the Mantis’ boutique someone has arrived to give us help. A group of the Runic Fairies got confused them with their magical dust and the sound of the Whale has destabilized them once again. They stopped immediately and they had started to lament as if something getting hurts them, and they returned back from where they arrived, almost with the tail between the legs. 
But for sure, it wouldn’t the last time that they would be aim us.
Mantis came out from her boutique, and when we were in front of her shop, she asked us “Guys.. be carefully at those there. They can spread blood  in no time. Do you want rest inside in my shop?” – “No thank Mantis, we want return in our room as soon as possible now” you have replied her, and with me still among your arms, we returned back on our steps, and when we had saw the Bill local with the street lamp by side, we have throw away the air from the lungs and i looked at you straight in your eyes and i let you made you understand that you have could put me down on the floor and slowly you have made me slide on your body. 
And when our eyes were met i bited my lips. 
When we passed Bill’s local we have greet him and he saluted us back.
In the dark alley we had could hear some voices in the Chameleon woman apartement. We looked at us a bit then we have continued till the door of the storage room. 
The automatic light turned on, and you have closed the door.
We remained to stare at us in silence. 
You have turned off the cold light, while the heater was turned on and the heat rising up to the roof.
Your sweet voice was saying me: “Come…” and delicately we laid us on the bed camp.”


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