We are feeling us

And our soft punch in the stomach push us always more inside of that twirl that make us dance our slow dance in that black hole between the real world and Our Parallel World. 
I feeling your arms surround my belly always more tight, i can feel your body against mine and i can only hold back the breathe, and i feel your hands sweetly travelling on my body.
I’m shaking in front of this pc screen, beacuse i feel you close to me, and my mind is exploding. 
You don’t say nothing, but i feel your heart is beating strong and our mind are get connecting. 
I hold back the breathe. Everything around me is fading, and that black hole is swallowing me with you inside, and our hearts are about to explode at the same instants
Everything is incredible, because i know it’s the same what you are feel in this moments
I feel you holding me always more tight against your body, and your breathe is around me. 
Like a sweet penetration, your soul is entering me and i leave ajar my mouth and you lean your lips on mine.
We are still travelling in that black hole. 


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