“From that battle” -|43|

Nobody came out winners, but the whale with all of us at her side, had clearified some points of how we would have act in future.
Slowly we had realized that we have passed all night in the local of Bill just to attend that psychological battle among the Whale and Zora. 
That stand still atmosphere was still in the air, and the fighters were giving themselves the lastest strokes, among thunders, lightening and long sound, while a pale sunlight was rising beyond the grey zone and it was clearifying also the most black of the grey clouds.
Zora was launching her latest lightening and in one of these it was possibile see her face and her evilness, slowly the rain and the thunders disappeared, as a vampire who hiding himself from the first ray of the sun.
As soon the warmth was capable to dry  a tiny part of the concrete on the boulevard of Blue City, shyly another scenario was opening itself.  Slowly the doors of the apartments, one by one were opened, and from inside were come out all the inhabitants, but the most incredibile thing has been that who were came out were only the little ones of all kind of creatures of  the city.
We were attending to that scene breathless, and without have fear of the consequences, they were toward the flying Whale and in their own way, were giving her their grateful, and in some ways, we knew that it was happening in every bordeline of the city. 
The whale sound was extending always more and all that made shake Blue City, but on the contrary to the earthquake provocated by Zora, this one, made to come out in street the other citiziens, and really slowly the city has returned back the life.
Now the sound of the whale exceeding all the borderlines of the city, and that sense of tranquillity was spreading in everywhere, but the terror was always in the air. 
The Patrol was going around, and even if the Whale had enchanted the city with her sound, the Rhinos, were still the baddest and there was no enchant that it could  have moved them or have touched their hearts.
The story of the Whale was resounding in our heads, when you have taken my hand and you have whispered me:”Let’s go out”. 
Blue City was changed, during that battle. You wanted to see it, and you knew, as me, that everything this, it has started from our tiny instants in that storage room.
We were about to go out, when we had saw Bill, who remained still stunned for what has happened in that lastest hours. I looked at him and in a sigh i asked:”Are you ok Bill?”  
He seemed under shock, but he replied us with a calm tone of voice. Seemed, even him, was set free from something, and in those moment he was realizing of that.
The Whale sound now was being part of the city, with the few other sounds of the city that it was offering. But that morning only her sound was the background.
We went out, and we started to walk till the borderline in which we could stay.
We sat on a bench.
We have met the group of Rhinos, who get used stay in Bill’s local. They were doing a round in the city, spreading the Zora terror.
In their tiny eyes, you could see the real evilness, and it was better that you didn’t stare them for long, to don’t unleash something unpleasent.
But some one of them got my attention. It was the Rhino who in Bill’s local, was watching us often with questioning face, but this time it seemed he looked at me asking me to get out from this spiral of evilness. In his eyes i could see his desperation. 
I made you noticed that. After that you have looked at him, you have shared your gaze toward me. You was surprised as much i was. Without speaking, you made me a question, and i in a sighed “I don’t know”, pretending to see the  Whale, i looked at the Rhino, approaching myself to you, and you have wrapped me tight in your arms. 
We held back the breathe for a long instant.”


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