Your embrace

Is enveloping me tight and everything around me make me feel going crazy.
Laguz is in in front of me. The unconscious say me that everything i’m feeling right now it’s real and my intuition doesn’t ever wrong.
You are here by side me and what i’m feeling inside me: the soft punch in the stomach, it’s real and in someways you are feeling it too.
In these hours i’m throwing away all the air i have in the lungs.
Every emotions i’m feeling is surrounding me, and i know they come from you.
I’m shaking inside, and i feel you are keeping me tight.
Everything i’m feel right now is incredible. It’s going slow, but in some ways it’s going fast.ย 
I know we are in a spiral that we have created and the Runes in front of me and in front of you, they saying us what the universe wanted to say us from long time, and now it is saying it us, even with the double numbers, and now i can sigh:”Everything isn’t a coincidence, it’s just reality”.
Our Parallel World is here, around us, and i can see it inside your eyes and you can see it inside mine.
Everything is around us.ย 
We are biting our lips and we can feel our hearts beating at unison.
I feel your hands wrapping me tight, without say nothing. You need just of this, as i need of your breath and your eyes set on me.


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