“Right after that” – |42|

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Spell fallen over the city, we had must to wait a reaction from Zora, and it was not long in coming. A big roar from the grey clouds and a lightening teared apart the sky and a heavy rain started to fall got wet all the inhabitants who started to run in everywhere to search a refuge.
Even us, still out to see and listen the flying whale, we ran inside Bill local, still empty by the only clients that it had, and we had found Bill who was cleaning some glasses behind the counter.
He seemed still enchanted by the sound of that whale who, now, was flying in the only piece of sky that wasn’t touched by the storm.
We entered, almost all wet. 
The storm seemed come from in everywhere, not only from the sky.
And in those instants we had looked at Bill, and without say nothing we had understood every his fade of his glance. 
He seemed to have fear, even to sigh what he was thinking in that moment, but even without have say a word, in his local, it was breathing a strange atmosphere. 
We looked at him, as we never had done before.
Slowly, we sat at our table, and we took our hands tight, looking at us around, holding back the breathe, and when the entrance door opened itself and from there we have saw Lizard entering, we had threw away all the air from the lungs.
We were enchained among two atmosphere that in some ways, were fighting among them, and we knew, that in those instants to speak was the latest thing the we had to do.
We had to stay there and just listen.
There was a fighting in course. Blue City seemed a death city and the only fighters on the ring, were the whale and Zora under form the rain, lightening and thunders.
Even the tiny breathe we would have done, it would have cut the big tension of that instants.
The whale was claiming her freedom, throwing away all the painful moments passed in those little sewers, and in every sound, we could hear, we could see well each dark side of the Zora empire.
While we could see her’s dark shadow in every lightnening that she was capable to launch, even if she was in her darkness.
We could hear, only these sound and uproar merging one with another.
Inside the local, there was a spectral silence as in all the city. 
Everybody were refuged inside their own houses, but they were next to the windows to look who would have win this endless fight.
Each long sound of the whale equaled to a thunder that was shake all the borderlines of Blue City.
Silently, another inhabitant had opened the door of the local of Bill, and with her big green eyes, stared us everybody, while inside the local it was breathing an awaiting for atmosphere.
Who entered was the Chameleon woman, who sat herself on one of the few stools in fron the the counter.
I looked at her with wide eye open and she nodded a shy smile.
When i was hearing the whale sound, a chill was running along my back, and the only thing that got calming me, was to looking at you and hold tight your hand.
In those instants, everything was suspended, as the life itself, and the deadly silence over the the city was terrifying and we couldn’t do anything. 
Just  to wait for.”


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