“We remained” -|41|

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To look at the sky with that flying whale, and we could hear her new sound, and it was the most beautiful sound we had ever heard, and when she recognized us, her recall seemed amplified. 
I was still breathless and the tears didn’t wanted to stop  falling. 
It seemed also to contrast the Zora’s earthquake. Her sound seemed give a tranquility to all the creatures of Blue City and each inhabitants of that bordeline had its face up to the sky to admire this kind flying giant.
She seemed say to everybody that the time of tyranny was about to finish and everybody were there to listen to her.
Her sound was changed from a painful grunt to a wonderful sweet and hypnotic sound that slowly propagating itself in all the bordelines of the city, 
And little by little, even the other creatures were enchanted by her sound and they had to stop and lift their faces up to the sky. 
All Blue City stopped itself. Even the Patrol of Rhinos remained stand still with their batons in their kind of paws, and their innocent victm, has been capable to escape in slow way, even her remained enchanted, but aware to run.
It seemed she had launched the most beautiful spell over the city.
The only creatures who didn’t seems be touched by that slow atmosphere, were the Runic Fairies who flying quickly over the city, opening their little frames to make show the real beauty of Blue City.
We remained withouth breathless.
Pouring tears, i held you tight, and our hearts started beating strong, when we had realized that her breathe, was moving away another little piece of grey clouds, leaving space to a kind of boreal light.
It was a scene surreal. It was like a primordial recall, and everybody was listening to it.
Also Zora was listening to it. 
The  mirror of water was shaking in front of her. She was stand still to stare its tremble.
The whale was telling what she had to suffered under that sewers, and only now, we understood her sound became only after a grunt. A continuos painful grunt.
The giant fying whale was the first creature caged by Zora, and the most dangerous, because she would do what she was doing right now: enchanting with her sweet sound, putting everybody in warn from Zora.
Everybody seemed understand  her sound, but now it was hard to scratch the armors of the baddest, but even them were remained stand still with his face lifted up to the sky.
Enchanted by her sound and her dance in that limited floating piece of  sky of Blue City.”



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