It’s from yesterday that

Our connection is growing fast like this, and i do believe you have wanted say me something. I’m sure of that, because our eletric shocks right after before and right after has become always more frequent.
And now our soft punch is grow up, and our minds are connect strongly.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs, even because you have  published that thing, when the universe was speaking with us… Premonitions
Will i be crazy, but i don’t think that is just a coincidence.
Even you do believe in these things. I didn’t believe it, but little a little you are saying me that, even unconsciously.
We are terribly united by this little magic. 
When i felt your eletric shocks enter in my mind, i went crazy.
Everything is incredible.
I feeling your closiness more than ever, and i feeling your hands that are enveloping my belly and i can feel your whisper are entering inside me. We are approach ous always more, and this leave me breathless. 
I just can look at you like this, and i know you are looking at me, even you.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs.



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