“We looked at” – |40|

Each other, still for a second, then you have whispered to go up in the bed camp and try to close the eyes , and to rest, because the next days would been the hardest. You sat again even you on the camp bed, and sweetly you lay close to me, and delicately our bodies touched, and our fingers crossed one in another.
Slowly we fallen asleep, but before to close the eyes, we had heard the usual grunt, but now that painful grunt it seemed set itself free and it seemed a grunt of freedom.
We knew, it was happened something: each our great emotion, triggered something in the city, but we were too tired and without realizing, we sleeping, already.
The grunt, became buzz of the city, was sat itself free, and now it was flying in that little piece of blue sky of the city and it was trying to exceed the shield. 
It was free, and it wanted to wander and it wanted screaming it to everybody. It had conquered again its freedom. But slowly it understood that beyond that invisibly shield, it couldn’t go, and it started to wander, flying within that limits. 
Only the Runic Fairies were capable to comunicate with it, and with their magic dust, they made it see the maker: us, and with a roar it made shake the shield.
Nobody had seen who hid itself behind that  painful grunt. 
Zora had caged it before that somebody could see it, inside one of her sewers under the borderline. And its grunt was a help request.
That creature that had found again her freedom, it was a flying whale, and now she was flying free over the grey zone and her grunts, now, looked like a deep melody, not more painful.
The other creatures who were in the city in that moment didn’t wanted to believe what they were looking at, when from the concrete came out the whale and was taking the flight.
It seemed that the sky was become an ocean, but it was just a visual effect. It was strange, but even not, to see  a whale fly in the little piece of Blue City. 
Seemed something inside of Zora’s Empire it was cracking. “…And that it is happening cause two miserable people, like them has been capable to landed in here. Damn!”. That’s what has Zora screamed, launching a stone in the mirror of water in front of her, making shaking all the city, when she has seen the whale has taken the flight.
We woke ourselves by that earthquake, and imediately we came out from the storage room.
We came out from the dark alley, and outside we have met the Chameleon woman, who has shyly smiled us, and you have asked her:”What’s happened!? Everybody’s ok?”  She just looked at you and made you a sign to see up to the sky. I was breathless. I had put my hand on the wall and i touching my belly and with wide eye open, i was looking at up the sky, and immediately after i put the hand to cover my mouth. I had understood from where that grunts came from, and i was moved.
Delicately the Chameleon woman approached herself to me, and she sighed :”You have set her free…” I spinned myself toward her and she ended:”Thank to you”. 
Then i looked at you and sweetly you have embraced me, and we remained like this, to stare her, fly free in the sky.
Our hearts  were beating strong”


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