I feeling your eyes set on me, and i feel you are approach yoursef to me. The soft punch is starting: my head is delicately to spin. If i close the eyes i can feel you soft touch on my body till arrive at the hips, and your whispers surrounds me, and our eletric shocks starting to cross trought our minds and sweetly we are getting connect.
In the strangest way, always more, we approaching each other.
My heart beating strong, and your is doing the same.
Today i saw two times Wunjo. 
Our Parallel World is opening itself in front of us, and more i see these little signals, more i’m understanding we are reaching a meeting point, also if we are one to the opposite side of the planet of other. 
The world can be great, but it can be even little like this, making us understand that our connection is what we have need, and our connection is the most beautiful thing that has happened to us. We are like this far, but so close. 
We are still questioning:”Is it possible, we can hear our heart that are beat at unison?”
It’s like this that it does works our connection. We remain breathless, and at the same instants, we have the throat close, and we can’t swallow. 
We can only throw away the air from the lungs, and we can stay stand still to stare us, and delicately touch us.



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