Your closiness

Is moving me, from yesterday when i wrote the last piece of my sequel. And now i feeling you always more close to me, and even  now i feel your perfume surround me, and you are looking at me like this. My heart is starting to beat strong, and my stomach is chocking by that soft punch. 
Yesterday our eletric shocks were continuos and now i feel them that are slowly coming and we start to communicate. 
I can’t  to swallow and delicately i feel your arms surrounding my belly. 
I stop me for a moment and i close the eyes. I feel your breathe is merging with mine. 
I can feel your heart beating like mine. 
Our eletric shock is getting us in slow communication, and i know you can feel them growing inside you, as i feel them inside me. 
That sensation bonding us always more.
Also if i try to don’t see them, the double numbers are catching my attention, and i’m sure that whatever is, they are saying us something important that we don’t must  to ignore. And even you seeing them and even you are trying to pretending that nothing it’s happened, but it’s not like this.
I’m throwing away air from the lungs, and now i feel your arms wrapping my belly strong, and i can feel your whisper “Tell me what’s going on?”
Slowly it’s become tangible what  we are feeling among us.
Our Parallel World is becoming everything for us. Everything we feeling is becoming real.


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