“Entered” -|39|

jd13_forte-1In that storage room, you sat immediately on the bed camp and you have started to think, looking at me for a while then you have stretched your arms toward me and i  came to you.
Delicately, you have tighted me with your arms, and in a whisper, as if you had fear to be heard to someone:”Do you think does it, really will works?” then you have lifted your face toward mine, and there our glances meet. In your gaze, i have could see a light veil of fear.
“It must have to works” i replied in a sigh, looking at in your eyes, and right after all the doubts in your head were gone.
We remained to look at eachother in silence for long time, without speak, but we could  feel also each little emotions that crossed our minds.
Slowly, that evening has passed by, like this. In silence, while our emotions wrapping us as in a sweet embrace and what we wanted  to say us, we made it only trought our eyes and our long breathes that seemed stop the time and make restart it.
Now, we were only us, inside the four walls, and that was enough for us. There were no Lizard, Bill, the Chamaleon woman, Mantis and not even the group of Rhino
We were us and our glances. I putted myself on the floor in front of you, and we didn’t care for how long we remained like this. Everything was going slowly, and it was going, as we wished.
The contrast between the cold light and the warmth of the heater it was the contrast of which we had really need in that moment.
We were stand still, in silence. Even the grunt seemed be vanish, but it was still there.
We were entered in a sort of menthal isolation, and we were comumicating, just trought our minds, our glances and above all trought our emotions.
It was, as if we were returned back in time, and we were in Phillip’s bar, in the very first days we had shared our first glance.
Your eyes were saying me how much love you had for me, and you would have make everything i would have ask you to do, and i was wrapped by these vibes that little by little, were chocking me from inside.
I knew that you was looking at all these emotions that sweetly, you was passing me, and you could see them on my face, trough the sensations that was feeling in that instants.
I was to explode inside, when in a sigh i said your name, and slowly, even you, put yourself on the floor kneeled in front of me, tightening my hips, then our hands were touched and the fingers were crossed eachother, and someone of us have said: “You don’t know how much i love you”.
My emotions exploded and your lips leaning on mine, while a tiny tear was rolling on my face.”


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