“You remained” – |38|

To stared me at for a while, while that atmosphere, slowly was fading and everything returned as it was before, while the words of Bill returned to re-emerge surrounding us.
He was talking with Lizard, and they were planning some of particulars. 
We were awakening and we looking at them in silence. 
The very first draft of the plan was taking form. In our heads were forming doubts, questions, but only one main question was hammering everyboby:”It would have works?”
It seemed we asked us the same question at the same instants and we looked at eachother with the same questioning faces. We have threw away the air from the lungs, and we remained in silence, looking at eachother, till the door of the local wasn’t opened by the leader of the group of the Rhino, making us jolt.
The leader looked at us, and with a threat, he said us:”Blue City will be back the Blue City of always … of Zora” and he started to laugh aloud, and he sat himself, giving a punch on the table, calling Bill at his orders. Bill got up and he looked at us, and you have whispered :”Be patient for a little while longer”. He went to the group wearing his invisible mask of  tolerance, and with a forced smile he taken their orders.
With Lizard, we looked at that scene without moves a muscle, but when Bill went behind the counter, Lizard whispered us:”In few time, we will have a little army and we will capable to do eveything we have planned. The Chameleon woman, with her beauty will be capable to changed mind anybody….” and he left the speech suspended. He had never left a speech suspended, and we have looked at him, waiting for he continued, but he didn’t. 
We only could imagine, what was happened among them, and we had respected his embarassing silence, and his red face told us everything.
We looking at the group of Rhino who discussed among them,  with their defeaning throaty voices, it was impossible to talk. We left the local, and Bill accompanied us outside, while Lizard, as always, placed himself under the street lamp still turned off, and he has starting to look at the Blue City’ sky, as he didn’t never done before.
While we were about to returned in our storage room, something was being blooming so rapidly and we remained stand still to admire it. A fucsia bush was growing under our eyes.
You was embracing me from behind, and your whispers were surrounding me.
Delicately you spinned me toward you, you have smiled me, while you taken my hand, and slowly we have started to walk inside that dark alley toward the end, where there was the door of our little room.
Crossing it, our hearts has resounded in everywhere.”


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