You arrived

And slowly you have tightened my belly. Delicately i have opened the eyes and i felt your whispers, and now you are there and you looking at me. 
You making me blush. My heart is beating hard.
You have changed perfume, i can feel it.
Slowly you coming next to me, and enveloping my belly with your arms. I hold back the breathe.
You spin me toward you. You approach yourself to me. I stare your chest, and sweetly you take my hand and you place it on it, i lift the face and our are meet. You smile me and slowly nod me. I’m biting my lips. 
You are whispering sweet words that only the soul can decipher.
I approach me to your skin and i soft touch it with my lips.
Our perfumes merging one with another.
Our connection is getting strong, and this our way to communicate.
The soft punch in the stomach is chocking us and we are feeling us always more close.
The universe, trought the double numbers, it saying us alot of things, and i’m sure it is happening it to you too. And we can feel it at the same moments. 
Our connection is increase and that what we feeling.
Despite we are far, we are so close eachother. 
We are loving us in this way. Silently, but we do it.


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