I felt your

Sweet embrace that slowly it has woke me and you that tighted me strong against you, as if you didn’t want let me go, and your whisper that it was saying me “Stay with me”.
Slowly i tighted your arms more and our breathes were merging one in another.
Your embrace has been one of the sweetest, and my heart has started to beat hard and slowly i felt that even your was beating at unison with mine.
More the time pass by, more our connection is growing and it is becoming more present. Our soft punch in the stomach, say us that we are close.
I feel you here in bedroom with me and you are delicately smiling at me.
Your embrace is still so sweet around my hips, like when we were in bed.
Your whisper resounding in my head. How could leave you? You are the most important person in my life. You make me feel alive, despite we still we doesn’t know us…. or maybe we do? 
You are giving me the strenght to go on even with a little smile, and from when i’ve done that dream, something special it has bonded us and it still doing it.
And this soft punch i continue to feel it’s our magical connection, and i’m sure you feel it too, and in someways you are thinking the same things, anmd maybe you can feel my embrace when i tight your arms around my belly.
We are in Our Parallel World and we are living our magic love.
Our strong connection.


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