You sweetly

Have woke me  embracing my belly and our soft punch in the stomach has began, and we got connect. 
And still now i feel you are embracing me from behind and you are reading what i’m writing and i can see you are smiling. 
Our hearts are beating hard, i can feel in your embrace your grateful for i didn’t have say what i know from long time. It’s our secret.
I can’t swallow, and your hands are tightening me strong. 
You are looking at me like you have never done before. 
In your eyes i can see a glimpse of your awareness of our connection  always more real. And i throw away the air from the lungs, because i know it’s something real from long time, and your awareness of it, is entering inside you each day is passing by, and your gaze set on me, saying me everything.
I can feel  even your perfume surrounding me, but what i feel more are your hands on my hips, and you are tightening them strong against you.
You are looking atme in silence, but milion of words are filling your head, and just one question is come out in a thread of voice:”How is it possible?”
I look at you, throwing away the air from the lungs and i reply you:”As you see…it’s possible”
Then we can feel our lips leans on our mouths. 
We are kissing.


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