“We smiled” |35|

And we had the same idea to go to in the Bill’s local, who was excited to having us as his hosts.
He got prepared our table and when we entered, he welcomed us as if we entered ther for the first time.
As we had noticed, the Rhinos table was empty, and we had thought that they were occupied to patrol the city with the other group. 
For the first time, after long time Bill could take a deep breathe and he could take a break from the oppression of those big Rhino.
Everybody inside of the local, were looking at me. Even you was looking at me, as if i was someone of really important. I was embarassed, and i didn’t understand the reason. Bill, Lizard and you seemed enchanted by what you were looking at.
At the end Bill pulled out the oxigen from the lungs and said me “You are simply beautiful with this dress, you seem a princess”, while you helping me to seat, and you sitting yourself close to me, making attention to the dress. I thanked him and i added, looking at you: “It’s been him to choose it” and at the end in a sigh you ended the speech:”You’re my princess…”
Lizard broke this moment, making returning us to the reality with a cough and then he said:”Lady and gentlemen, everything this is very beautiful, but you have unleashed  something that it could be turn against us, and throw the city in a real mess. The romanticism for now let’s put it aside” His words were as a slap on our faces, but he had right. He awaken us from a dream that was lasting from a bit.
I stared him for a second in silence, then i sighed: “It’s since when we had crossed all the borderlines of Blue City and we reached the first one, and making what we have done on that bench that… i’m studying a plan.” My thoughts went to the bleeding tree, and what i felt seeing him suffering, blinded me for a moment and my throat closed, and in a second i relived that instants. There weren’t no more Lizard and Bill in front of me, but only that tree with his branches toward me that asking to be saved. I didn’t ever no more had news about him. 
For what i could know, he was die alone after have suffered much. 
I held tight your hand, and a tiny tear fallen from my face. “That scene has been enough for me” i said and at the end i added: “The Runic Fairies are the only who could help us to destabilize the first borderline”.
Lizard looking at me very interested to this last part, and even you was remaining speechless. But was Bill who intervened:”They are indispensable to take live the memory of Blue City. When in their fly, show us the little frames of the old city, it’s because they have collected some great emotions from the inhabitants… it’s so that their magic does works, and i believe they has collected many from your tears, when we were out. You both, have some of the most powerful emotions that is around in Blue City.” Bill ended his speech in a sigh.
We looked at Bill as if we didn’t know it. We shyly smiled at him, while the entrance door opened itself and someone entered.
In the local a silence fallen.”



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