And if are

We really destined to stay together for real? This is the question we are making us in these instants.
All the signals taking us in that direction. 
If my dream that i’ve done four years ago, was the very first signal of our bond.
The latest pic you’ve posted left me breathless. Everything is taking you to me and me to you
Our hearts are beginning to beat hard, and we are getting to connect.
Slowly i’m feeling your arms surrounding my belly, and my mind is spinning like a spinning top.
Even if you have done it unconsciously, you have gave me a signal and that make me go crazy, and Jera is in front of me, we know its meaning, and everything match.
You have wanted give me a little signal, and it arrived straight to my heart.  
Now you’are looking at me like this, and i shaking inside. 
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs. I shyly smiling to you, and you know, what is happening among us. 
You staring me at in silence, while everything around us, it is transforming itself in Our Parallell World.
I whisper you just few words: “Hold me tight”.
Our connection is strong. 



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