You are

Arrived behind me and delicately you have whispered me sweet words, wrapping my belly with your arms. 
I have feeling you already when you was entered in my bed. You have embraced me strong against your chest.
And now, you are asking me “Do still you surprise yourself of our connection?”
My love, i still surprise me about everything what has happen among us.
Everything it being was born from a dream made four years ago, and each time it happen, i remain breathless, and i’m sure it happens even to you too.
In front of me i have Thurizaz, and it say me  alot. 
And i feel your closiness, i biting my lips, and now i can feel even your desire to stay alone with me. Slowly Our Parallel World is surrounding us. 
Even you, are opening yourself trought our connection. 
You are saying me something that anybody doesn’t knows. 
In someways, trought my written words, we are confessing us our little things, and it’s a fantatstic thing, while i feel our soft punch tightening us always more one with another.
And we stay here in silence, listening to our hearts beating so strong and at unison.
“Surely, i still surprising me of everything this” i sigh you, while you are tightening me strong against you.


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