“Just outside” – |30|

A glimpse sky of the real Blue City was opening above us, and for a short time, together of few inhabitants, we were able to see again the real beauty from which the city has taken the name.
A glimpse of such beauty, that it has left us without breathe. The sun light entering inside, and slowly we understood the interior discomfort of some inhabitants. 
They never didn’t ever have see the sun and its warmth for them it was disarming.
We knew that our little magic would be last for a time, at least several minutes. 
We threw away the air from the lungs, and we have attended at this little miracle, seating us in the bench in front of the Mantis’ Boutique. 
That bench was look similar to the bench in the centre of Blue City: made of grey concret and sustained by four rusty legs. Even her, seemed solid and without thinking about it, we sat us on it.
For a long instant, we remained in silence, while a little breeze was caressing us our faces, and you was looking at me without say nothing. I had waited for you made me that question.
“What did you have talk about with Mantis, while i was choosing the clothes?” You knew the answer without that i had opened the mouth. I just whispered: “We have talk about, in reality of nothing, she has understood of your importance in my life, before i had opened the mouth”
You have looked at me, and delicately you have taken my hand. 
In the shop you had decided to wear immediately the new clothes: a pair of jeans a simply t-shirt a  new shirt. You looked good, while i had the usual clothes.  I given you free choose, and for a moment, i didn’t know, not even, what clothes you had choose.
But in that moment i didn’t care. I knew, each clothes you had taken, it was perfect. 
And in that instants, the only place i wanted be, was inside your eyes, and that was enough for me. 
While, slowly, the little magic i’ve done, was fading, the sky of the city was covering again, by the grey clouds. 
When the Blue City was completly covered by those clouds, you was still looking at me, as if i had the real magic to destroy everything that evilness, and slowly, you got up and you said: “Let’s return back i want show you what i took for you.” 
Blushing i tighted your hand, and slowly we started to walk toward the local of Bill, when a little rain has started to fall, getting wet all the city with every kind of inhabitants were wandering in search of  shelter.
And that rain had unleashed some riot of some werewolves, that they has begin to fight among them.
After making them vent, the Patrol of Rhinos, has intervened.
All that bordeline stopped, while the werewolves were fighting, us included. Someone has stopped us.
When a group of werewolves fighting, it was better to stop itself. If someone didn’t’ there was the risk that some dead coming out.
The werewolves, were still the kind of creature most dangerous among the strange creatures in that city fallen in disgrace.
Fortunately the fight ended and we have could return on our steps.
Silently, someone was following us.”



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