“We were been” – |29|

Accompanied out from the local from Bill, who saying us the way to take to reach the boutique, while the Rhinos still looking at us, and at the end they looked at their leader, questioning him why we had alot freedom. He didn’t know how reply them, above all to the Rhino who was looking at us from before.
We had left Bill at our shoulders and we have hearing him almost screaming, entering in the local, replying at the others screams of the group of that Rhinos who were doing nothing.
We crossed a sidewalk full of shops. We taken a look inside but there were things that not even we have understood what they were.
The Mantis’ Boutique it was the only shop on that sidewalk with something similiar at a real clothes shop: showcases with several mannequins of each kind clothes, for each creature who wanted  to appaer better than before.
The owner of the boutique was a real mantis, but at human measure. She welcomed us, as if she had knew that we would have make her a visit. “I just received a phone call from Bill and he said me, that i would have soon, a visit a visit from great friends. Let me guess: Daria and you would be Luke” – “Yes i am… we would need of new clothes”
Mantis was squaring you well.  Her nature was coming out.
I was looking at her carefully, she seemed just thirsty of that old instinct that was still running in her blood. Having around her a good look male, it wasn’t from everyday.
She was looking at, even me. And at the end, she sighed me “Don’t worry baby, i don’t want kill him, even if my nature reminding me that i’m a killer.” I looked at her, and in someways i was shaming much. “Don’t shame you, baby. I had to learn to sopress my instintcs from long time… and” looking at you, she added: “He’s a lucky guy. I have immediately noticed how you have looked at me,  when i just approached him… you would have made everything to stop me.” I would liked have say her that he was my life… that he saved me from an inevitable oblivion if i wasn’t fallen in the Phillip bar, but i didn’t say nothing. She have understood it from the way i was looking at you. And she ended just pat me on my shoulder, and then she went to you, who was choosing a couple of clothes, even for me.
I was sit on a comfy chair, and now i was looking at Mantis with a different  point of view.
She was very elegant with her green skin that stood out under that red with gold filament 18th century military coat with two-tailed.
She was very able with her paws make you show other clothes and you, occassionally, was launching me a gaze. And after a little talk among you and Mantis, she smiled you and she went to the storage room of the shop to take a thing. She returned immediately after, saying you, making you see it: “By now clothes of this kind aren’t requested no more, but i didn’t have threw away them. They are so elegantly wonderful by their simplicity”
We have spent almost half day in the Mantis boutique, and it seemed, that we had found another friend, besides Bill and Lizard.
She seemed happy had helped us, and when we were about to pay her, she refused. 
With her hissing voice, she said us: “You will pay me with what you know. Just see the Blue City’ sky in these days has been really satisfying for me, and now that i knew you, it’s an honor give you a hand in whatever you have need.”
I have tighted her thin paws and stared her in her round eyes, while mine were getting wet.
She looked at you and in another hiss, she said you:”Take care of her, she very precious”
You looked at me then you have launched a gaze to Mantis “I will do.”
We came out from the Mantis’ Boutique,  while another little piece of Blue City sky was opening.
My emotions were about to explode.”


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