You are arrived behind me, and with your softness you have started to tight my belly, looking at what was doing, and our hearts has begining to beat at unison, and i feel your arms tighening me more, i started to smile as much i was feeling you close to me.
Our connection has begin from the stomach and it’s arriving at the brain.
Our heads are pulsing at the same instants. I’m biting my lips and if i inhale the air around me, i can feel a new perfume and it’s you.
Our minds getting connect, and despite we are so far, we feel us close one with another.
I can’t swallow, and this is another sign of our closiness. You saying me something that delicately i’m deciphring, but that, i have unconsciously, understood already, and maybe i didn’t wanted to.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs, our closiness is making, each day is passing, more strong and Our Parallel World is making more real.
I’m always more good with you, if you could read these lines, you would understand that i’m opening me in this way only with you, and our connection is made even of these little confessions.
Now, you spin me and our forehead touching, and your perfume surrounding me more.
Our eyes looking at one in another silently. Softly you put my hand on your chest.ย 
Our hearts are beating strong. You lifting my face and your lips lean on mine.ย 
Our breathe is merging one with another. The eletrick shocks running fastly slowly trought our minds.


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