“We had to” – |28|

Change our clothes, even because they wer starting be a little dirty, above all after our walk in that Blue City that we didn’t have recognizing no more.
For sure Bill or Lizard, would have indicated us a shop that would have suited.
Even if i was adoring that your shirt. Maybe you have would find another similar.
That were my thoughts, but you were capable to read them, and while we were going trought that dark alley with a soffuse red light along the way that was making everything more gloomy, you have said:”Maybe we will find a shirt like this!” In that instants i was starting to think to another thing, but you left me breathless and i started to blush more than ever.
The beautuful Chameleon woman was outside of her apartament, and she smoking. Now her skin was of  an intense pink color and she wearing the same miniskirt with the stripes of multicolors made of pailettes. Despite we had found, that she was one of bad creature, when i was seeing her, i was, always, remaining fascinated by her beauty.  But i was warned by Bill and Lizard, that she could use her wonderful beauty for caught you and in a second making change your mind about the good and the bad things.
Slowly we had exceeded her, and in a whisper you have said me “Let’s go!”, and when we have exceeded her, in her glance exploding her anger, and her eyes changing in two little flames of hate.
We have found Lizard who smoking under his street lamp turned off. He seemed he was waiting for us.
“It seems that some of the old inhabitants, who has survived to the Nothing, has recognized you, and they want meet you” he saying this while we entering in the local and Bill was serving the group of Rhinos. They has looked at us in a bad way, but even with a little fear, especially that who was frontally at our table. 
Since we were landed in Blue City, after that slow journey in that black hole, the vibes in the city were changing, and the leader of group still didn’t have warned the group, who we were, but there was something strange in us that got worry that Rhino in black leather jacket and chains attached on his jacket, and under his black leather cap, he launching us stranges gazes.
“Guys, it seems that you have brought a breathe of fresh air” Bill said us approaching, to our table, pretending to take our orders, pretending to write them on his little bloc-note.
Not immediately we had understood what he wanted means, but right after, Lizard explained us that it was from long time that the sky of Blue City didn’t opening  and it showing its real color above the grey clouds that covering the city. And Bill ended saying us:”It’s your merit”. 
On this Lizard couldn’t contesting. 
We shy smiled, while it has brought us a dish with something disgusting to see, but it has been assured us that it was a good breakfast. I closed the eyes while i approaching the spoon to the mouth, but when i eated it, i remained surprised, as much how’s good it was. 
Bill smiled me and i gave him it back, then, looking at you, i asked to Bill:”We would have need of new clothes…”  Bill has looked at us a bit in silence, as if he was thinking, where we could to go, then he exclaimed “Maybe you could find something at the Mantis’ Boutique. It’s also in this borderline. But i warn you, she an old fox..” and he indicated us where it was her shop, and he pulled out from a little box a bunch of thoese that seemed money. “Here everything has changed, even the exchange currency” and he gave us little thin blocks of a malleable material, that could seemed bronze, but for sure it wasn’t.
We smiled him and we had thanked him. 
With all calm we have finished the breakfast and we given a look at the group of Rhinos in front of us, and slowly we came out, while we had still their thin eyes set on us.”


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