You have woke me wrapping my belly with your arms, and your breathe have surrounding me sweetly.ย 
Softly i taken your arms and i have tighted more against me and you approached more against my back. My soft punch has growing up always more and our eletric shocks has begining to cross trought our minds.ย 
And now that i was arrived in my bedroom, i feel our connection wrappingย  us strongly, and i can feel your hands tightening me the hips, and slowly you spinning me toward you, and your lips immediately are leaning on mine. You leave me without breathe.ย 
If i close the eyes, i can feel your perfume and you know it make me go crazy.
I feel your closiness stronger than ever in this bedroom. You are moving me in our endless dance.
I’m biting the lips, and i know you are staring them. The soft punch in stomach is choking me and i know that’s you.
Slowly i feel you are approaching to me always more. Our bodies are touching.
A sweet whisper is flying in the air.
“Kiss me!”


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