“We fallen” – |27|

Asleep immediately after. At the end of that day we were so tired that we didn’t having realizing that we entering in Morpheus’ arms. The only thing we could feel were our hearts that were beating at unison.
The grunt that had scared us in the begining, by now, was become a buzz of the city, and if we didn’t hearing it, almost, were scared, and we thought that something ugly was happened. 
The buzz of Blue City was cradling us, and it has accompanied our dreams till the very first light of the day. 
Despite Lizard had put a curtain of a deep blue color, the light of the sun was been capable to enter in the room, drawing a moltitude of lines on the floor.
Slowly, you have opened the eyes. Me, i was still asleep among your arms, but with a caress and a soft kiss on my head, you set free, but you didnt’ have woke me up.
You got up and went to the window, You have moved away the curtain and from the window, you have saw a bit of paws walking and the buzzing of voices that coming and going away.
Those inhabitants didn’t know that at few meter from them, there was the source of that discomfort that they had previous day. A discomfort. They didn’t know, not even how define it. A discomfort.
Slowly you have put a hook to let enter a little more of light in the storage room, trying to wake me up.
For a little bit you sat yourself on the chair next to the round table. 
You have could take a look to the map of Blue City, but you have prefered to look at me was sleeping.
And there, our minds got connect. I was sleeping, but i could see you. You was shyly smiling.
I spinned me a couple of times, but at the third i have whispered your name stretching my hand looking for you. You got up and you have reached me. 
Delicately you kneeled in front of the camp bed, and i have opened the eyes and our glance met and with your deep voice that i always loved, you have whispered:” Good morning, my love” I have smiled you, and softly i taken that flap of your shirt and i pulled you toward me, for a second in our eyes we have saw a Blue City as we rembembered it: wonderful, like the sensations that were surrounded us in that instant, still before we kissed us.
For an instant, we had forgot where we were, and we had forgot the consequences of our gestures. 
Outside has begun a fast coming and going away of the creatures, but fortunately, it has ended soon. 
I had still in hand the flap of the shirt. In those seconds, it seemed everything depended on that, and you didn’t taken off  your eyes from me, while the calm got back in that little angle of the city.
Our smiles were merging one in another and even the perfume of our skins.
Then, i said: “We should get take new clothes, for better mixing us among the inhabitants”
“We will ask it  to Bill” you said me, looking at me sweetly, stretching me your hand.
Slowly we came out”


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