Here i’m – 29th open Letter to Luke

To write you again. And here it is again, your embrace around my hips and our soft punch in the stomach that, slowly,  is growing up.
Tonight, before to go to bed i outpoured about to be a disable girl with wounds and visible scares on my legs, and slowly i have feel your delicate hands that tighted me against you, and now i can feel you whispers “…but look where you arrived.” and i know what you mean. 
My love, how’s you have right, and i always thank you for your unconscious encouragement. 
Our hearts are beating at unison and now our heads are about to explode.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard.
Your words resounding on my head like a bomb launched from a pirate ship, and more they striking me, more i think you have absolutely right and this make me feel above up those persons from which i wrote tonight in my outpouring. 
With whispered words you have left me without breathless and even this time, our connection made itself stronger than usual. 
I’m here that i try to hold back my emotions, but i don’t know if i will be able to hold them back.
My heart is beating hard, and i feel your hands surround my hips and i tight your arms more. I close the eyes and i can feel you repeat me “Look where you arrived”. 
I throw away the air from lungs, and you are tightning me always more against you chest.
I have needed of these words and they are came out from your mouth. 
I love you, also for this. You are capable to move away even the most tiny bad thought from my mind.  I will never stop to thank you.
Now, i would like for real, stay in your arms in silence, listening to our hearts beating at unison, caressing your chest.


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