I didn’t expected so strong our connection. My head has started to spin like a spinning top, and in my stomach: him, our soft punch, and not even sweetly, i’m feeling your embrace around my belly. It’s like, as if you want snatch me from this desktop for take me in Our Parallel World.
You are tightening me strong from behind and your breathe is enveloping and our eletric shocks are increasing always more. 
The double numbers appear everywhere around me and i’m sure even, around you.
This things making us going crazy. We are smiling alone, and we can see us trought our connection. 
Our hearts are beating hard, and our eletric shocks running fast trought our minds. 
I never felt them so fast and our punch it’s there, that is tightening our stomach.
Today we feel connected strongly.
I feel your closiness and even, you feel me. 
Our hearts are beating strong and at unison, and our eletric shocks running fast trought our mind.  I must throw away the air from the lungs to try to get calm me.
I can feel you are saying me:”Didn’t you know it?”  I shrug, It’s useless say it to you. 
Each time i surprise me. 
Sweetly you embrace me and our lips meeting.


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