I tried

To concentrate to something else, but today it’s more strong than usual.ย 
I’m biting my lips and now your embrace has become more delicate than earlier. Our eletric shocks are continuos and what is not dicrease it’s our soft punch in our stomach, on the contrary it’s increase always more that arrive your time to wake.ย 
I feel your arms surround my belly and your deep voice that calls my name.
I feel your arms surround my belly and our slow dance restart. In someways it never ended.
I feel your words. They wrapping me as a silky veil.
I close the eyes and i can see, even, you are biting your lips.
Today our connection is very strong, since when it’s has begun four years ago.
Our hearts beat fast. They seems going crazy. We are going crazy at the same instants, despite our real distance.ย 
We feel us so close. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. I feel your eyes set on me.
“I love you” i can feel it come out from your mouth.
“I love you me too” i whisper you, and your arms are tight me more. I close the eyes and i close your lips are leaning on mine. My heart is exploding.


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