“After” – |26|

We  have taken something to eat and have talk about how put up a plan, we have left Bill and Lizard and hand in hand, we have reached the storage room, where we have found some more comodities. Evidently, when we had made the walk, Bill had said Lizard to take others thing for make it more comfortable.
There were two chairs, a little white round table, and finally the squared window had a curtain, and there was a heater turned on, and now the light above the door was illuminating the room.
The big white blanket has been not touched. It was still on the ground, as we had left it: creased and with little forms of our bodies.
We remained speechless. We were looking at us around, and at the end we have sighed at unison.
I reached the table where i noticed a kind of map of Blue City.
On that map with a pencil, it was indicated where we were. Just at the last borderline of the city, dangerousely next to the grey zone, where The Nothing, has consumed itself, without feeding itself with no other one’s fear.
For now, we couldn’t did nothing. We shared a gaze. You remained on closed door and looked at me, that had reached the table, while the heater was making good its work.
It seemed a paradox that warmth in that cold light illuminated room.
And it was so beautiful your glance. We remained staring us at, don’t know, not even me, how long.
Slowly, you have reached the camp bed along the wall, and you sat on it. Without speaking you have made me understand that you wanted me close to you. I reached you and you have taken me the hips. I was stand still in front of you, and you was looking at me from down.
Our hearts were beating hard at unison.
Delicately, your face approached on my belly and sweetly you have wrapped me with your arms. Right after, you have lifted the face, and our eyes meeting. Making me seat next to you, you have taken the hand caressing it, then finally you have said what you was thinking  since when we had opened the door of the storage room.
“You’re fantastic. Since that day, i knew that you was something incredible. And now, you want put yourself in play again. You’re the bravest girl i ever known. I love you much”
“I want make get back Blue City the city of which you have make alot sacrifices to make me show it. You are my strenght. You are that gave it to me. We both are brave, not only me.
Our love is our strenght.”
You had still my hand in yours, and you was looking at it.
Then you have tried to push a button that it seemed a switch of light, and the cold light turned off.
Then, you laid on the matress of that camp bed, and you taken my hips, accompanying me next to you, enveloping me with your arms.
The room became dark, leaving the orange light of the heater that was create stranges shadows on the curtain. 
Softly our breathes merging one in another, while our arms were tightening themselves always more.”


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