You are embracing me and whispering sweet words. Our tangle in the stomach is stronger. 
And even if we are far, we can feel our hearts beats at unison and it’s regulary.
What is happened last night, it surprised me not much, and it confirm what i always thought about our connection.
The universe wants us united, and our eletric shocks are our way of communicating. More i go on, and more i feel these shocks, i’m sure, are yours and we are speaking trought them.
And more the double numbers are surrounding, more i convice myself that little by little we are approaching us, and our eletrick shocks are that sign. I’m sure that even, you are starting to see them in everything, and without realizing that, and they are same numbers and they meaning we are approaching to the target, and the target is our approaching, despite our real distance.
You’re smiling me and i can see you, shyly nodding me.
You are embracing me. You tight my hips, and our glance are merging one in another.
Even me i remained stunned, but it’s happening and without shadow of doubt, we are communicating trought our eletric shocks.
Slowly we are awakening from this dream, lasting four years, and now we are realizing all that it’s real. Our connection is real, and sweetly we are communicating.



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