“Bill taken us”- |25|

Two glass with the luminescent liquid and he sat by side Lizard, and they wanted to know each particulars of our walk.
Outside everything was returning to the normality, even our color of the skin, little by little that we were sipping that liquid.
Bill told us what has happened around local, and he ended: “But it’s useless. You know it better than me, but i can say you this: it the very first time that Blue City underground has shaked like this. Surely, you made Zora angry.”
In that moment, we were the only hosts in the Bill local.
The Rhinos,  get used to be inside, were out to help the Patrol, to spread other terror in the city.
Even if we were only with Lizard and Bill, i have whispered to them a draft of my idea.
“When we have defeated The Nothing, we had done it trought our fears, doubuts, insicurities… a menthal fight” Everybody nodded, and you slowly, have taken my hand. I smiled you, and then i’ve continued:”The Nothing has been defeated because, we had have the courage to face up to them. 
When we saw that bleeding tree on the floor, i have”- and i stopped myself and i looked at you – “we have understood that Zora has put up a great army of terror. After the defeat of The Nothing, we had believed that all its followers were dies with him. Instead they has increase their power, their skills to scare. Look how they reduced Blue City!” 
In my words, there was all passion and determination to defeat Zora and her empire.
I wasn’t capable to take off  from my mind that bleeding big tree, and from my face fallen some tears. You have tighted more the hand that you had in your, and we have shared a sweet glance.
In a whisper, you have described the scene to Bill and Lizard, as if you didn’t want make you hear from me, but you had to for explain my excitment. Then Lizard, in another whisper:”The borderlines of Blue City are many, and each creatures must to respect that invisible borderlines. Maybe that tree that you have saw, had just crossed his bordeline, and there, the patrol has intervened.” I lifted my face, and with all determination i said:”We have to stop this brutality. Making love we have given Zora a clear sign of our presence, and even before, we have knocked to her door… we are ready to fight her…” I said that latest phrase with a little titubance. Were were really ready?
Trying to get that little discomfort off me, i asked Lizard and Bill what those tiny flying creatures were, which to us looked like little fairies.
“Just fairies. They has the protection of some magical stones…how does they call themselves?” Bill  was looking at Lizard in search of help, but there were been no need, cause you have whispered their name “Runes?” Bill eyes has become sparkle, and then Lizard explained us:”They are Runic fairies, they are few, but they are very powerful, but they can’t make anything against Zora, but they have the privilege to don’t be taken, as much they are tiny, and they can fly everywhere. They has no borderline.”
I looked at Lizard and in a sigh i said: “Maybe they can help us.”
You and Bill were speechless, and i was feeling your hand was tightening more mine.
I spinned toward you and our hearts started to beat hard and at unison. 
You have looked at me deeply and in a sigh you said me:”I love you”.
Delicately, and without make me notice, i taken a flap of your shirt and i pulled it toward me, looking at you seriously, and our gaze merged one in another.”


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