“That sound” -|24|

Of that single water drop was still resounding in all Blue City underground, and the army of Rhinos knew well what was going happening and from far they looking at us, without could not make anything.
The bench where were us, was above the entrance of the galleries of the Zora empire, and without realizing, or perhaps yes, we were entering in the wolf’s lair
Everything was shaking and slowly a lament came out from that manhole.
Unconsciosly, we knew that we had unleash Zora anger, with our little gestures. 
It was as if we had launched a hand bomb inside the sewers and everything was about to explode, but everything seemed stop.
It fallen a chilling silence. 
Every creatures of the city seemed was itself  to freeze. Everybody, but us and the tiny fairies, who were calling us, as much we could hear them. But at the end, we remained stunned.
When they had to warn someone of the danger, they uniting  to sing one and only tone of voice, and that tone, was almost deafeaning. They calling us to get back.
Making love, we had destabilized the inhabitants, and our tracks, had just excedeed three bordelines of Blue City, and from what we had noticed the city had at least ten borderlines, and the manhole, the entrance of Zora empire, was in the centre, we were in that dangerous centre.
I tightened your hand stronger than ever, and in a sigh, looking it, i have said:”Let’s get, back”.
With slow movements, we got up and returned from where we arrived.
A tiny fairy has came to us and with her little bell, she has protected us, till to exceed the centre bordeline.
Blue City seemed that getting back that little colors that had maintened. 
Staying on that bench, we had absorbed they greyness of the center of the city.
Slowly we got back  a normal skin color. 
Returned in safe, we have could hear the little bells of the fairies surrounded us and we have thanked them. They made us see a another frame of the old Blue City, and with their little bells,  they has left us. It was their sign of grateful. But for what?
I shaked my hand in air and in a sigh i said them “Thank you”.
Walking toward to Bill local, i was thinking to my great wish to reach that bench. I really didn’t know that under that manhole there was the entrance of all that evilness, but maybe my unconscious did, and it has wanted to test us.
Keeping us the hands strong one in another, the creatures of the city, at our passage, whispered, and some of them looking us at, as if in our facial features, they had recognized some traits of that Luke and Daria, whom the olds was telling to the youngers.
I was feeling observed, and i blushed, you, instead was smiling looking at me.
Finally we have reached the local, and we have found Lizard who was waiting for us outside, and slowly we entered, while Bill was behind the counter, was counting those that seemed money.
He burst out laughing. “How did have mess your face?” 
Apparentely our colour of skin wasn’t still got back normal, as we hoped. He indicated us the mirror behind the counter. We were a little bit yellowish. We didn’t have realized of that till we done a comparison with his skin. We laughed a loud.”


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“Bill taken us”- |25|⇒


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