I woke myself – 28th open letter to Luke

With you that was tightening me from behind my belly and our little eletric shock didn’t stop to cross our minds, and my tangle in the stomach is more tangled than usual.
I can’t swallow. Something inside is chocking me and one thought is hammering my head.
“If we were real destined to stay together, but the distance is the real obstacle… you will be surrounded by others females, but in our mind, you have just me”. 
I thinking about that since i have opened the eyes, and i don’t want be that presumptuous, but in someway, my witch side didn’t ever have wrong, and this thought it’s hammering me.
Lately our eletric shocks increase, and each time we feel them, something happens among us.
I can’t hold back the emotions, and i throwing away the air from the lungs. 
My heart is beating hard, and it’s crumpled. 
I feel my head is exploding. 
Fehu and Uruz are in front of me. I feeling chocking by this thin truth.
I remain breathless each time i feel our eletric shock crossing our minds, despite our real distance. 
I feel your arms surrounding me, and today i feeling them since when i was awoke. Slowly you are whispering me something.
You have the same feeling.


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