“I didn’t know” – |23|

Why i wanted go till that point: which was not only a bench made by raw marble, that it was conforming by the grey enviroment around.
We had crossed also the alley in which the bleeding tree has entered. For curiosity we had launched a look inside. We knew that we wouldn’t have found him, but, we had just saw his tracks of his passage. On the concrete there were signs of his blood of resin.
For a moment, we were looking at us questioning if he had found a refuge or someone who could give him hand.
We were walking slowly on that sidewalk, and it seemed that, after that experience, nothing and nobody could touch us emotivately. 
In that scene, it was described so well, by now, the life in Blue City.
The power of Zora was weakening the poorest inhabitants, and to whom tried to rebel, the Patrol of Rhinos, simply intervening.
Tiny insects, which weren’t just little beautiful fairies, we flying around us. We could just see their beautiful glimmer and we could just hear their buzzing. 
We remained stunned by their invisible beauty. Their buzzing was like tiny bells and they were increase, when, even them, has recognized us. 
We have found a place to sit: another bench, consumed by the rust, but seemed solid.
We were surrounded by these tiny fairies, and in someways throught their magic dust, we had could see an old frame of Blue City, as we rembembered it. We have take a deep breathe then we have threw away the air from the lungs, keeping our hands one in another.
These tiny fairies, were the only creatures, who couldn’t be taken by army of Zora, and in someway, they had maintened their little power intact. But, being so tiny and not necessary numerous that they couldn’t do nothing, they could just make relive just few seconds the beauty of Blue City.
Still we didn’t know it, but in them we had found  a strong ally. We have sighed and slowly we got up. They has followed us for a bit, then they stopped, as Lizard at the begin of our walk. 
It seemed, each kind of creature had a borderline inside Blue City, and more we approaching to that point that i wanted to reach, everything around us becoming  depressing.
Noticing that, you have whispered me:”Let’s get back!”
I wanted reach that bench at all the costs. I didn’t know why but i had to do it,
and without say you nothing, i looked at you and i have hold your hand and we have prosegueted.
That bench was in the middle of a solitary sidewalk and it was surrounded by junk.
While we were reaching that bench, suddenly our little eletrick shocks trought our minds increasing, and unconsciously, our hands tightening more. 
We knew, that we had crossed dangerous borderline, not even the Rhinos, could make nothing. 
Even them, were staring us without moving.
We sat in that bench, in silence, looking at us around.
We were alone? It seemed it was like this.
We looked at us… .  We  shyly smiled us… . We tighted the hands stronger… . 
You approached yourself to me… . Slowly i closed the eyes… . Delicately your lips leaned on mine… . Our tongues touched… . Our hearts has started to beat strong… . I slided my hand inside the shirt… .
Then a water drop fallen in a mirror of water making resounded all that solitary part of Blue City, making shaking the underground of the city. “


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