From when

It’s  has started it’s never ended. This our slow dance. 
Our eletric shock hasn’t never stopped to going trought our minds, and i feel your hands on my body. They are caressing my chest and they making moving me slowly.
You’are behind me, you are whispering me delicate words. I feel your perfume. 
Another eletric shock is sweetly crossing my mind. 
I know, you are communicating with me, despite you are sleeping. Maybe you are dreaming me.
Lately, we are crossing us much often, and maybe that thing, wants say me  much more than i can imagine. We are crossing, even, strange ways. Surely, you will have read what i wrote last night. And when i felt the eletric shock and when i’ve checked, i had a jolt.
By now, it’s from four years that happens, but each time i remain breatheless. 
Another soft eletric shock, and my heart is beating softly hard, and another one
Lately i’m surrounded by many double numbers. 
Does it happen also to you?? When i see them, i sigh and each time they say me wonderful things. 
We are surrounded by the magic.
Your whispers filling my soul and i only can dive myself in your eyes, surrounded by your presence, i feeling your hands that are moving me in this slow dance.
Slowly, our faces touching and we remain ,so, while your hands come along my body till to stop at my hips. I put my hands on your chest.
Our breathes are merging one in another, and they are making it slowly.
We remain, so. Eyes in eyes, then  you are approach your lips on mine. 
We kissing us, and our hearts exploding in same instant.


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