“We were starting” – |22|

Our walk inside the main boulevard of Blue City. For a moment we remained without moving and we had take a deep breath, and unconsciously we were had tighted our hands. Then we have shared a rapid gaze, then, as if we had to dive, we have make the first step in that city that once seemed us part of a incredible paradise, and now it was fallen in disgrace, and their inhabitants were her disgrace.
There were no just reptiles like Lizard or Rhinos or half humans mixed with felines, but others kinds of species that we weren’t capable to categorize.
The kindness of Blue City of that main boulevard from which the city was taking the name, didn’t existed no more. Just at the two borders of the city, it could be see the rests.
More we got inside the city, more everything was changing and it was becoming depressing, and the beautiful Blue color of the city, was fading in a brownish color that was merging itself with the color of the sky. We still were walking hand in hand, and our little chink, that we were releasing, seemed clearing the city, but it was lasting just few minutes, and the evilness it was swallowing it immediately after.
There were no, just that chock atmosphere around us, but there was, even, poverty. Much poverty and cruelty in that street. 
Besides the group of the Rhinos, placed in the local of Bill, there were another who were making the patrol in Blue City and now they were around to an agonizing tree who asking mercy, while the Rhinos beat him with their batons.
In the middle of the cortex, i have could see his eyes, and he was crying for the pain.
Without know what i was about to do, i have whisper to you: “Follow me” and without left your hand, slowly, i approached myself, a little, for make stop the Rhinos. Our little magic, has dazed them, and the tree on the floor has stared me and he has whispered: “You..!”  as if he had recognized us, and he sighed us: “Thank you…” My heart stopped, listening to his words. 
I would liked to do more to save the tree, but you have stopped me,taking my hand. I have looked at you, and you have sighed me: “Daria  don’t… what we have could do, we have done”
I was still continuing to stare the tree and in a whisper i said:”Get up and run away till you can…please get up….”, while the group of Rhinos was stand still and stunned. The tree was been capable to get up himself painfully. He was bleeding, and he was bleeding resin. 
He looked at us for a last time, while he sneaking away in an alley. 
When we didn’t have saw him no more, i dived myself in your chest with the eyes fill of tears.
You was embracing me tight looking you at around. 
Our little spell faded just in time. The Rhinos seemed awakening, from that sensation that had wrapped them, and seemed they didn’t rembember what they were doing. They looked at eachother for a second, then they has restarted their patrol in the city still a bit confused.
I was among your arms: i had to taken me again from that brutal scene. Delicately you moved me away a bit from you, then with a sigh “Everything ok? Do you want return back?”
I looked at you while you was drying me the tears, and i shyly i smiled you, as if stay in your arms, it had healing me, or better it had deleted, me everything what i just saw.
In a whisper i replied you:”No… let’s got till there…” and i’ve indicated a precise point of Blue City.”


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