Here you are

Suddenly, you are embracing me. Our souls are smiling, and you are looking at me, and our eletric shocks are crossing our minds like flash, and our tangle are increasing always more. 
You are looking at me. It seem you are whispering me something, but just my soul can decipher your words, while my head is about to explode.
I feel your hands on my hips that tightening me always more against your body, and your lips are delicately touching my mouth. 
You moving away a little bit, from me, you want see my expression. 
Our Parallel World is surrounding us.
Slowly you approach again yourself to me, and i can feel your heart is beating like a hammer. I place my hand on your chest. Shyly i lift my face toward you. 
We continue to dance our slow dance in our apartment. It’s a endless dance. 
It’s fill of emotions that we can’t hold back. 
In our own way, we are saying us everything what we are feeling. And our hearts are about to explode. The emotions are wrapping us with their million fades. They are fantastics. 
Your hands still tightening me strong against you. 
This is our slow dance. This Our Parallel World. Words that are slowly flying surround us. They making us leave breathless each we pronnouncing them. We are chocking by our emotions.


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