You are embracing me

tscs_hid_luminanazaTight from behind and i feel your chest against my back. You rub yourself against me, holding my belly. We are dancing this slow dance.
Your arms are always more tightening me. Slowly our eletric shocks are communicating.
What has happened last night has been divine. I had to just think of you and it happened.
And now, you presented yourself to me in this way, and our minds are connect.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and your hands are on my hips.
Slowly, you are moving me, and i feel your breathe surrounding me. I can feel your perfume and you know it make go crazy. Your hands make me spin, your hands on my hips.
Our eyes are meeting and we remain breathless. You looking me at, i’m biting my lips. You are tightening me more against you. I’m shaking. Your shirt is touch me and i slide my hand inside of it. I close the eyes, i feel your hands slide on my body to stop on my legs.
I open the eyes and delicately you continue to go always more at the bottom.
Our breathe stop. Everything stops, only our eletric shocks are going fast and your perfume is surrounding me.


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