“We knew what” – |21|

Our friends saying us was true. In the past we had defeated The Nothing, just with the force of our love, but it was just in the past. We couldn’t think now it was so easy defeat Zora. 
We wanted see with our own eyes the real effects, of two persons who was loving eachother, in that mistreated Blue City.
“We want see it” you said Bill, and then you added in a whisper:”When we had defeated The Nothing, we had always done it under in a sort dream. Now, what you said us, it seems a consequence of what we do…intimately” and you have looked at me, and i blushed.
I didn’t have say nothing, till now. I had only hear carefully each words that you, BIll and Lizard, that you had said.
Then, almost in a sigh, and almost unconsciously, i have started to whisper something:” We had to faced The Nothing fighting all our big fears, all our nightmares. The Nothing feeded itself with all these our fears, and just when we faced them, we didn’t believe that The Nothing was been defeated. We had opened the eyes, questioning us if we had defeated it for real, and just now we have the reply”.
You and Bill was looking at me, as if i was an Oracle.
My words, as were come out, were themselves turned off on my mouth, and i continued to stared you both.
You tighted my hand, and i had a jolt. I dived myself in my memories, and that naked green half elf with the pointed ears was hammering my head. Little by little, in my head, i was understanding that chocking sensation that the group of Rhinos had felt, just few hours ago. 
We were their worst nightmare, like for me, it was the half elf on that stair of that countryhouse. I threw away the air from the lungs, and i tighted your hand. Slowly i awakening myself from that kind of trance in which i fallen, and a delicate smile drawing itself on my face, and i was listening to you while you saying:”We want make a walk in Blue City main boulevard. If what you have said us, it’s true, nothing and noboby can hurts us” and we looked at us. 
Bill could just to nodded us, but in a sigh whispered us: “But be careful…Outside it will be not, as in your worst nightmares, but there are creatures who doesn’t make any scruples to get you hurts”. 
Kindly you have thanked him, and he moved away, and he left us come out.
We remained a bit outside the entrance, we have met Lizard under the street lamp, with the leather jacket collar up, he looked us at, and without saying us, he has followed us. 
With his hoarse voice, said us “I can accompany you till that point. Enter in Blue City at your own risk.” We had shyly smiled him, and sofltly you have tighted me the hand.
Those they was presenting themselves in front of us, were the ruins of Blue City.
We remained without words. We didn’t have, not even, realized that Lizard was stopped himself, and slowly he was returning to the street lamp, with his way of walk, typically of the lizards.
For a bit, we remained there without moving us. We have closed the eyes for a second, inhaling then throwing away the air from the lungs, tightening more the hands, then we have make the first step inside The Blue City, among the inhabitants, still confused by what they were feeling in the air: that little chink of something that unconscously, was setting them free from the Zora oppression.”


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