“Sistemated” – |20|

At the table in front of that one of the Rhinos, we looked at Lizard and Bill questioning us what the Lizard wanted meant with that exclamation.
Bill took a chair and it placed next the plastified green bench leaned on the wall, where we were us. and he approached himself close to us, almost, as if he didn’t wanted make himself  hear to the group of the Rhino, expecially to the leader.
“How can i explain it…” he seemed a little embaressed and he launched a gaze to Lizard, believing, he could be more direct, instead he remained in silence, smiling. Lizard loved to see the persons or the other creatures tangling with their words. He understanding sooner than others the situations, and Bill this he knew it well, but this time Lizard hadn’t open his elongated mouth, and he enjoyed  whole the scene.
Bill given a glance to Lizard, as for curse him, and then he cleared his voice with a cough, and he got back to staring us.
“Since when you have defeated The Nothing, your magic has protected Blue City for long time, but just when your enchant has vanished, Zora has taken control of it, spreading terror in everywhere, reducing Blue City in the city in which we are living now.
The few human beings who still lived here, has tried to defeat the tracks of Zora’s evil, but they were been swallowed in her villainy, and now they living under her control. Some of them has suffers many changing. Some of that strange creatures who wandering in Blue City are the results of Zora sick mind.”
Slowly, we were understanding, what Bill was trying to say us. 
I held bake the breathe, and you was still staring at Bill, almost incredulous to what you was hearing to.
Our eletrick shocks were going trought our minds in a faster way, that at the end, we had must to share  a glance. Our hearts has started to beat fast, and my eyes got wet, but immediately Bill gave me a tissue. Now Lizard had taken a chair for him, and he sat by side Bill. They were giving the shoulders of the group of the Rhinos.
You have whisper a question, almost unconsciuosly: “Is our love so powerful?”
“The most powerful” Lizard replied you, giving you a pat on the hand that you had on the table.
“You have realesed part of your love in the city, and this has caused that really confusion among the inhabitants, by now, used to the terror, and feel that real feeling between two persons…the only two persons, who has defeated The Nothing, well guys, there is no need that i continue.” Bill ended.
Lizard approached himsef to us, and he sighed also:”From when Zora has placed the Rhinos here inside, yesterday has been the first time that they has left the local so in a hurry. 
Just when Bill said me who you were, i understood their escape. Each your little gesture, can overturn everything in Blue City. Your magic is that, and your love may make get back Blue City at ancients splendors”
We remained speechless, while from behind the shoulders of Bill and Lizard, one of the Rhinos was staring us, scared to feel again that chock sensation.
After a bit the Rhino leader, called Bill, and he got up immediately and he went to him.
“Your return here, will make just good to this city” said us Lizard, and slowly returned out the local, under the street lamp to smoke.
We looked us at, and we sighed.”


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