One day of these

You will make me literally go crazy.
I felt the soft punch in the stomach and you arrrived, just here close to me, and now you are just looking at me, and our breath are merging one with another.
Slowly you are approach to me anmd you are delicately tightening my hips. 
You can feel my breath and your hands caressing my belly delicately, and you are reading what i’m writing. My heart is beating hard. 
Slowly you spin me and without speaking place my hand on your chest. Your heart is doing the same.
Our connection is growing always more. 
Promise me one thing: when you will do that thing, make it in the sweetest way possibile. 
Our connection is so strong. We can perceive everything.
Yesterday evening, our eletrick shocks were so powerful. I knew you was thinking a bit to me or maybe you was talking about me with someone.
Our connection each day is passing grow, and Gebo is always present in my Rune reading.
Now i understand, my need to throw away the air from the lungs. I thinking but i don’t will write it. 
But it’s always closer.
Your hands are underlining it always more, and in someways, even the universe doing it.


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